Transfer Credit & Study Abroad Policies

Study at Other Universities

Students wishing to take Jewish Studies courses at another university (other than one with which Rutgers has an exchange or study abroad program) may seek admission directly from that university after receiving approval of the courses they plan to take from the Department's Undergraduate Advisor. The Department strongly recommends that students who wish to take Jewish Studies courses at other schools receive approval prior to their departure from the Undergraduate Advisor in the Department of Jewish Studies about transfer credits.

Please note that transfer credits are not awarded based on precedent. Each year the Department of Jewish Studies is required by the university to evaluate courses for transfer credit based on the institution, department, syllabus, assignments, and instructor for each course in question. The Undergraduate Director for the Department of Jewish Studies does a careful evaluation of these courses, in consultation with other departmental faculty members as needed, and makes the final decision. It is therefore possible that a course with the same name was accorded transfer credit in the past, but that alone is not a guarantee that the course will be accorded transfer credit again. 


Transfer Credit Policy

The Department of Jewish Studies approves credits for courses from other institutions only if they meet its academic standards and criteria. The Department will consider for transfer courses that encompass a level and scope of reading and writing requirements equivalent to courses taken at major accredited universities in the USA and Israel. Courses taken at institutions of higher education in Israel other than the major research universities (i.e., The Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University, Ben Gurion University, University of Haifa) are not eligible for transfer credit, even if approved through other universities' exchange programs. Religious studies programs within the major institutions, which are distinct from the general humanities curriculum, are also not eligible for transfer credit.

No more than three courses (or a total of 9 credits) from another institution can be counted toward the Jewish Studies major or minor.

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