The Department offers an interdisciplinary approach to the academic study of all aspects of the Jewish experience. Courses offered by the Department, which are open to all students, address the historical, social, cultural, religious and political life of the Jewish people from ancient times to the present. Drawing on faculty from eight departments, as well as on visiting fellows sponsored by the Bildner Center, the Jewish Studies curriculum offers over sixty interdisciplinary courses. Students pursuing a B.A. degree may major or minor in Jewish Studies. Students may also minor in Hebrew language . The Department of Jewish Studies and the Bildner Center work together to promote Jewish Studies at Rutgers.

See Spring 2019 courses.

Jewish Studies Departmental Learning Goals:

Jewish Studies majors (Tracks A and B) will be able to:
  • Conceptualize the development of Jewish culture and history over time (from the era of the Bible until the present) and space (comparing the variety of Jewish cultural production in a given historical moment);
  • Recognize and analyze a variety of Jewish source, both pre-modern and modern.
  • Demonstrate research skills (bibliographic, analytic, research, and writing) and competence in textual analysis through guided researching and writing of a research paper over the course of a semester.
Track B only: Demonstrate language proficiency in Hebrew and Yiddish

Jewish Studies Minors will be able to demonstrate a broad view of the Jewish past and more in-depth knowledge of a sample of the spectrum of Jewish studies.

Minors in Hebrew Language will be able to demonstrate proficiency and mastery of the Hebrew language.

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