Jewish Studies Student Award Recipients 2013

Jacob Binstein
Jacob Binstein, '14
Double Major: Jewish Studies and Information Technology and Informatics
The Deborah S. and Herbert B. Wasserman Endowed Research Award
Jake will work on an honors thesis with Professor Gary Rendsburg. He will be developing a website for the Book of Ben Sirah.
Gabriel Cohen
Gabriel Cohen, '14
Major: Jewish Studies; Minor: American Studies
The Louis Fishman Memorial Student Support Fund
Next year, Gabe will be working on an honors thesis with Eddy Portnoy on Hitler and Humor.
Bryce Diamond
Bryce Diamond, '13
Major: Jewish Studies
The Ruth Feller Rosenberg Endowed Student Award
Bryce has been interviewing for various jobs at synagogues to be a Religious School Director and Director of Youth Education. Her ultimate goal is to be a Reform Rabbi.
Nava Frankel
Nava Frankel, 14
Major: Communications; Minor: Jewish Studies
The Baruch S. and Pearl W. Seidman Student Award
Nava recently spent a year at Bar Ilan University in Israel where, in addition to taking courses, she interned at Kedma Spa b’Ahavah – a spa that offers treatments to battered women living in shelters. Nava is currently working at the Bildner Center to assist with the Rutgers Jewish Film Festival.
Samuel Hollander
Samuel Hollander, '13 
Double Major:Jewish Studies and Psychology
The Maurice Meyer III and Irma Meyer Endowed Student Award
After graduation, Sam plans to attend an Ulpan program at the University of Haifa, then Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.
Karen Hayardeny
Karen Hayardeny, '13
Major: Psychology; Minors: Jewish Studies and Political Science
The Baruch S. and Pearl W. Seidman Student Award
After graduation Karen would like to work on social justice causes for a Jewish organization before returning to graduate school to pursue social work.
Hannah Johnson
Hannah Johnson, '13 
Double Major: Jewish Studies & History
The Reitman Family Student Award
Hannah plans to spend next year in Israel. Upon her return, she plans to pursue graduate work in Jewish Studies.
Daniel Levi
Daniel Levi, '13
Major: Biological Sciences, Minor: Jewish Studies
The Harold and Betty Perl Endowed Student Award
After graduation, Daniel will be leading a Taglit-Birthright trip to Israel. He will then intern in Portugal at a medical education technology startup company.
Ariel Lubow
Ariel Lubow, '14
Double Major: Jewish Studies and Journalism & Media Studies
The Leonard and Adele Blumberg Student Award
Ariel hopes to one day work in media or public relations for a Jewish organization. Ariel will serve as President of Hillel next year.
Yael Novick
Yael Novick, '13
Major: Social Work; Minors: Jewish Studies and Psychology
The Rudolph and Mary Solomon Klein Endowed Student Award
Yael will be pursuing a master’s degree in Social Work at Rutgers with a certificate in Jewish Studies. Her goal is to move to Israel and work in a hospital helping victims of terror and their families.
Kimberly Syvarth
Kimberly Syvarth, 13
Major: Jewish Studies; Minor: History
The Rudolph and Mary Solomon Klein Endowed Student Award
After writing a thesis this year with Prof. Zerubavel, Kim has been inspired to continue her studies with the goal of obtaining a PhD. She would like to focus on biblical interpretation and Midrash.
Rachel Waldorf
Rachel Waldorf, '13
Double Major: Jewish Studies and Psychology
The Betty and Julius Gillman Memorial Student Award
After graduation, she plans to go to Israel and participate in a Tikkun Olam program and work with Muslim, Christian, and Israeli children in the Tel Aviv- Jaffa area.
Rachel Wetter
Rachel Wetter, '14
Double Major: Jewish Studies and History
The Barry and Deborah Venezia Adler International Study Scholarship
This summer Rachel will be attending the Rutgers University Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies Abroad (CHAPS Abroad) program in Prague and Krakow. On this program, she will have an opportunity to study the interactions between these cities and their Jewish past through the lens of heritage preservation.
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