• Goldman, Orna
  • Orna Goldman
  • Language Coordinator and Teaching Instructor, Hebrew Language
  • Schools: B.Ed. and Teacher's Certification, Lewinsky Teachers College M.Phil., Columbia University
  • Office Address: 14 College Avenue, Miller Hall
  • Phone Number: 848-932-1722

Mailing Address: 12 College Avenue

Instructor of Hebrew Language

 Ms. Goldman graduated from Lewinsky Teachers College in Israel with a B.Ed in Hebrew language, Hebrew Literature and Biblical Literature and with a Teacher's Certification in these subjects. She continued her graduate studies in the U.S. and received M.Phil degree in Hebrew Literature from Columbia University, Graduate School for Arts and Sciences Department of Middle East Languages and Cultures.

Ms. Goldman is also a translator and the managing editor of HHE, a publication of the National Association of Professors of Hebrew (NAPH).

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