Tablet Magazine
pdf How the Concept of Shtetl Moved From Small-Town Reality to Mythic Jewish Idyll
2/3/2014 — From Fiddler to Foer, shtetl portrayals are idealized. Jeffrey Shandler shows how they went from fact to fantasy.

New Jersey Jewish News
pdf Scholar’s game plan took surprising turns
1/8/2014 — Jason Gosnell has been a lawyer at a major firm in New Jersey, a law clerk for the chief justice of Israel’s Supreme Court, a fish harvester on a kibbutz, and a professional football player in Israel. Now he has something else to add to his already eclectic resume: He is the first student to receive a master’s degree in Jewish studies from Rutgers University.

Rutgers Today
pdf Keeping Yiddish Alive, One Article at a Time
12/5/2013 — Rutgers grad Jordan Kutzik is the modern culture reporter for legendary newspaper, 'The Forward'

New Jersey Jewish News
pdf The Boss and the Bible
11/27/2013 — A course takes Professor Azzan Yadin-Israel to new territory, where the Jersey Shore meets the Promised Land.

Rutgers Today
pdf Looking at ‘The Boss’ Through a Spiritual Lens
11/7/2013 — Rutgers seminar explores the biblical foundations of Springsteen lyrics

SAS News:For Students Dreading Science Class, a Quantum Leap Forward - Kimberly Syvarth ... was a dedicated humanities student, majoring in Jewish studies, with a passion for probing the underlying meaning of scripture. Last spring, needing a science course to fulfill graduation requirements, she signed up, with some trepidation, for an elective in physics.

pdf  New York Times: The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s

The questions matter, not just to the world of jobs, but also to the world of ideas. Nancy Sinkoff, chairwoman of the Jewish studies department at Rutgers, says its master’s, which starts this fall, will position students for jobs but be about inquiry and deep learning. “I would imagine in the museum world, I would want to hire someone with content,” she says hopefully.

pdf  Press Release MA Announcement

New Jersey Jewish News
3/23/2011 — Responding to student demand, Rutgers University will next year inaugurate the state’s first master’s degree program in Jewish studies.
Inside Higher Education
12/21/2011 — The discussion took place at the annual conference of the Association for Jewish Studies. Nancy Sinkoff, associate professor of Jewish studies and history at Rutgers University's New Brunswick campus, who teaches a course on Jewish power and politics, said she sometimes uses contemporary images to engage students.
1/30/2012 — Gosnell's return coincided with the launch of the new master's program in the Department of Jewish Studies in the School of Arts and Sciences. The M.A. curriculum offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Jewish experience from ancient times to the present.