Danica says thank youDanica Presepe
Masters of Social Work, ’13

Recipient of The Herbert and Jacqueline Klein Award for Study in Israel

When I first decided to study abroad in Israel I was not sure what to expect. But, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Being a social work graduate student, I suspected that the trip would revolve around social welfare organizations, which it did. Yet, the trip was so much more. We did not just learn about social welfare organizations in Israel, such as Be'er Sheva's Center for Independent Living (CIL), but also about the numerous religions and cultures, including Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Bedouin, and Baha’I, that inhabit the same space. We experienced in-depth, guided tours of all the major religious and tourist sites, which were incredibly stimulating intellectually. We also took a day trip to Petra, Jordan, an ancient archaeological wonder, which was incredibly beautiful. A surprise was the snow in Jerusalem, where it hadn’t fallen in a decade! This trip was intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually fulfilling. It broadened my global perspective and expanded my capacity for knowledge. Everything about Israel was astounding: the people, the food, the sites, and the landscape. It was an overwhelmingly positive, life-changing experience.

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