Interdisciplinary Minor in Holocaust Studies

Rutgers now offers an interdisciplinary minor in Holocaust Studies, with courses offered by the German, History, Jewish Studies, and Sociology departments.

Holocaust minorPhoto: Dnalor 01, Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA 3.0).Students can explore their interest in this topic by taking courses in different departments at Rutgers to develop an in-depth understanding of the Holocaust both within larger historical contexts and as it is studied across disciplines, whether in comparison to other genocides or by examining Holocaust remembrance in literature, film, and other works.

Through this minor, students will develop a rich sense of how to explore a compelling, complex topic through different fields of the humanities and social sciences. Students will also learn how to understand the importance that has been attached to the Holocaust as a moral paradigm that engages the public in confronting issues of social justice.


The minor consists of six courses, as follows:

  • Two required courses:
    • History of the Holocaust (01:510:261 / 01:563:261) [Core Curriculum Course]
    • Remembering the Holocaust (01:563:360/01:510:370:01) [Core Curriculum Course]
  • Four additional courses in at least two different departments—currently including German, History, Jewish Studies, and Sociology—related to the Holocaust. Courses can include:
    • A relevant three-credit independent study or internship (e.g., at the Museum of Jewish Heritage: A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in New York), with the approval of the faculty coordinator
    • An honors seminar on a relevant topic
    • A six-credit honors thesis on a relevant topic, with approval of the faculty coordinator
    • One relevant transfer course may be counted toward the minor, pending approval of the faculty coordinator

Approved Interdisciplinary Courses:

* = required course
** = pending approval of the faculty coordinator

01:090:255 Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar**
01:195:370 / 01:563:370 Germany Confronts the Holocaust
01:195:371 / 01:563:366 Holocaust Media
01:195:395 Issues in Comparative Literature**
01:470:350 The Nazi Period in Film
01:470:380 / 01:563:380 German-Jewish Literature and Culture
01:470:388 Topics in German Literature and Civilization (in English)**
01:510:261 / 01:563:261 History of the Holocaust*
01:510:329 World War II in Europe
01:510:363 Germany from 1871 to Present
01:510:368 / 01:563:368 Jews of Germany and Austria-Hungary, 1780-Present
01:510:372 Armenian Genocide in Comparative Perspective
01:510:381 Eastern Europe, 1800-1948
01:510:394 Human Rights
01:563:260 / 01:510:260 Remembering the Shtetl
01:563:269 / 01:510:269 Antisemitism
01:563:270 / 01:510:263 Between Nazism and Communism
01:563:360 / 01:510:370 Remembering the Holocaust*
01:563:365 / 01:195:372 Holocaust Literature in Translation
01:563:385 / 01:510:385 Rabbis, Rebels, and Rationalists: The Jews of Eastern Europe
01:563:390 / 01:510:390 Jewish Memory
01:920:298 Sociology Honors Seminar**
01:920:393 Topics for Sociological Analysis**
Hebrew 405 - Advanced Hebrew (offered by University of Michigan Fall 2020, Big Ten ShareCourse Program)

For more information of the Holocaust Studies Minor, please contact the faculty coordinator, Prof. Jeffrey Shandler: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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