Language and Culture of Ancient Israel minors must complete six 3-credit courses (18 credits total) from the courses listed below.

A student may not major in Jewish Studies and minor in the Language and Culture of Ancient Israel at the same time.

The following courses count toward the minor.

Jewish History I: Ancient and Medieval (01:563:201)
Dead Sea Scrolls (01:563:340)
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew I (01:563:141)
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II (01:563:142)
Readings in Biblical Hebrew Prose (01:563:433)
Readings in Biblical Hebrew Poetry (01:563:434)
Introduction to Rabbinic Literature (01:563:437)
Women in the Bible (01:563:265)
Introduction to Aramaic (01:563:145)
Introduction to Semitic Languages (01:563:409)
The Bible in Aramaic (01:563:146)
Ugaritic (01:563:405)
Hieroglyphic Egyptian I (01:563:421)
Hieroglyphic Egyptian II (01:563:422)
Ancient Near Eastern Religions (01:563:324)