01:563:228jews in medicine

Prof. Raucher

This course explores the intersections between Jews/Judaism and Medicine/Health. During the semester we will analyze different ways that the field of medicine has defined Jewish bodies and how Jews and Judaism incorporate, evaluate, and appropriate medicine. We will explore how health and illness are defined in religious categories and how the diversity of Jewish identities experience health and illness differently. How have Jewish bodies been viewed in an anti-Semitic framework and how did Zionism construct a new Jewish bodily image? How and why do rabbis, doctors, and patients work together to construct "kosher medicine?" How have reproductive technologies expanded Jewish kin networks? Is women's health treated uniquely in Judaism? Are there Jewish genes? And what do ancient and contemporary Jewish texts say about abortion, euthanasia, and cloning?  We will use historical, philosophical, anthropological, and textual evidence to explore these questions.