Spring 2017

Modern Israeli Culture

Israeli Culture: Between Conflict and Reconciliation

Monday / Wednesday 6th period
Miller Hall, Room 115
Prof. Yakir Englander

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This course will explore areas of Israeli culture that deal with conflict and reconciliation in different areas of life. The course will address five main subjects, and for each subject we will focus on how the subject is represented in Israeli culture, from cinema, music, poetry, religious/holy events, dance and literature.

The five subject the course will deal with are: 1. The conflict between secularism and religion and its reconciliation. 2. Gender: The debate about LGBTQ in the Zionist Orthodox community and the role of gender in the Ultra-Orthodox community. 3. When East and West meet: Israel as a meeting point for Jewish communities from all over the world. 4. The image of the soldier and militarism in Israel. 5. The unique identity of Palestinian who are Israeli citizens (Israeli Arabs).