Spring 2017

Modern Hebrew Language

Hebrew Review and Continuation
01:563:121 (crosslisted as 01:013:156)
Monday / Wednesday / Thursday, 3rd period (11:30 AM -12:50)
Miller Hall, Room 116
Prof. Orly Moshenberg
No prerequisites.
Acquire basic competence in reading, writing and speaking Hebrew.

Intermediate Modern Hebrew
01:563:132 (crosslisted as 01:013:253)
Monday / Wednesday / Thursday, 2nd period (9:50-11:10)
Scott Hall, Room 220
Prof. Orly Moshenberg
Prerequisites: 01:563:131 or Hebrew placement test.
Improve your Hebrew conversational skills and start to read texts in classical and modern Hebrew.

Contemporary Hebrew Literature and Media
01:563:371 (crosslisted as 01:013:354)
Monday, Wednesday 4th period (1:10-2:30)
Miller Hall, Room 211
Prof. Orly Moshenberg
Prerequisites: 01:563:211 or Hebrew placement test.
Improve your proficiency in reading and writing skills by reading short essays, newspaper, and magazine articles.