Introduction to Bible II: Prophets and Poetry

swords-into-plough-shares563:206 (crosslisted with 840:206)
Monday, Wednesday 4th period (1:10-2:30)
Scott Hall, Rm 206
Professor Gary Rendsburg

This is the second course of a two-semester sequence.  The main goal is to introduce students to the literature of the Bible – by which is meant the Bible as defined by the Jewish canon, what Christians refer to as the Old Testament. This course focuses on the Prophets, the historical backdrop of the prophetic message as revealed mainly through the book of Kings, and other relevant poetic material (Psalms, Job, etc.), which provide additional theological insights. Emphasis is placed on literary, historical, and theological matters. Special use is made of the numerous archaeological discoveries that have advanced our knowledge of ancient Israel. As such, the Bible is studied against the backdrop of ancient Near Eastern literature, history, religion, mythology, and law.

This course is open to senior citizen auditors.