Modern Jewish Philosophy

01:563:312 (crosslisted as 01:730:312)ModPhilosophy
Tuesday/Thursday, 5th period (2:50-4:10 PM)
12 College Avenue, 2nd floor
Prof. Elliot Ratzman

No prerequisites.

Is modern Reason compatible with biblical Revelation? Is “Jewish philosophy” an oxymoron? Learn about the giants of Jewish thought—religious reformers, philosophers and theologians—and the ways they wrestled with the challenges of modernity, politics and multiculturalism. Topics will include the essence of Judaism, the nature of law, religion and state, God and evil, the status of women and non-Jews and the legacy of the Holocaust. We will read Baruch Spinoza, Martin Buber, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Judith Plaskow, Emmanuel Levinas and others.

This course is open to senior citizen auditors.