Holocaust Literature in Translation01:563:365
(cross-listed with 01:195:395 and 01:470:390)

Some of the most compelling works of Holocaust literature are in Yiddish, the first language of the majority of Jews living in Europe before World War II. In this course we examine the distinct engagement of Yiddish speakers with the Holocaust in memoirs, short stories, poetry, song, video, and film, from works created on the eve of the war through the turn of the twenty-first century. As we examine the role of Yiddish in relation to the Holocaust, we discover the radical transformation of the language as a result of the mass murder of its speakers in Europe. We explore how Yiddish has been used to respond to the genocide, both to remember those who were killed, and to recall their prewar way of life, and we will consider the significance of translating these works into English.

All course materials are in English. This course has no prerequisites.

This course counts toward fulfilling the Holocaust Studies minor.

NOTE: Students who have basic reading knowledge of Yiddish have the option to register for an additional, one-credit “add-on” course, in which we will read selected works that are assigned for Holocaust Literature in Translation in the original. This add-on course will meet synchronously, once a week, at a time to be arranged.
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