Fall 2017

Scroll Down: Classical Jewish Texts, from Parchment to Internet

Obadiah MS 1.crop01:563:464
Wednesday, 2&3 periods
12 College Avenue, Room 206
Prof. Gary Rendsburg

Within the 3000-year history of Judaism, Jewish texts have transitioned from scroll to codex to book – and now to the digital age. This seminar will survey the classical Jewish sources, their manuscript traditions, and now their availability on the web (Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Mishna, Talmud, Haggadah, Maimonides, etc.) – thereby bringing the old-new world of scholarship into contemporary focus.

We have two main goals in this course:  a) a review of the core texts in the Jewish tradition, with an eye towards what we can learn from studying the manuscripts (as opposed to later printed editions); and b) an analysis of the digitalization process currently underway by libraries and museums in the U.S., Europe, and Israel.

Course fulfills core requirements WCR and WCD.

This course is required for Jewish Studies majors.
Open to juniors and seniors; sophomores with permission of the instructor.