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Remembering the Holocaust: Holocaust Memory

holocaust 01:563:360:90
(cross-listed with 01:510:370:90) 

This course explores works of Holocaust remembrance produced in the Americas, Europe, and Israel in an array of forms, including documentary and fictional film, radio and television broadcasting, museum displays, tourist practices, monuments, and visual art. As a Contemporary Challenges course, Remembering the Holocaust examines how remembrance of this genocide figures in contemporary social and cultural practices as a paradigm for deriving lessons from the past in order to respond to traumatic losses, address present social injustices, and prevent future acts of intolerance.

This course fulfills Core requirement CCD.

Spring 2023 taught by Professor Shandler.

Hybrid Format:
Mondays, Period 3 (12:10 AM - 1:30 PM) on campus
& Online Asynchronous

Spring 2023 Syllabus

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