Core Curriculum

Jewish Studies Courses that fulfill Core Curriculum requirements

563:100 Introduction to the Modern Middle East (CCO, HST or SCL, AHo)
563:131 Intermediate Modern Hebrew (AHq)
563:201 Jewish History: Ancient and Medieval (HST)
563:202 Jewish History: Modern (HST)
563:205 History of the Modern Middle East (HST or SCL)
563:206 Introduction to the Bible II:  Prophets and Poetry (HST, AHp)
563:220 Introduction to Bible I: Torah & Prose (HST, AHp)
563:223 New Testament (HST)
563:230 Modern Jewish Culture: Key Texts and their Afterlives (AHp)
563:231 American Jewish History & Culture (HST)
563:245 The Culture of Yiddish: An Introduction (AHq)
563:261 History of the Holocaust (HST)
563:280 Jerusalem Contested: A City's History from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Perspectives(CCD, HST)
563:281 Modern Israeli Culture (SCL)
563:350 Introduction to the Modern Middle East (CCO, SCL)
563:355 Kafka and World Literature (AHo, AHp)
563:360 Remembering the Holocaust (CCD)
563:464 Research and Writing in Jewish Studies (WCR, WCD)