You will have 3 hours to complete the Hebrew Placement Exam. Read the instructions below for information on how to access and complete the exam.

1. Log into Sakai using your Rutgers NetID.
2. In the left panel, click "Membership."
3. On top, click "Joinable Sites." A list of joinable sites will open.
4. In the search box on the top right, type "Hebrew Placement Exam" and click "Search."
5. Click "Join" under "Hebrew Placement Exam." A confirmation appears: "You are now a participant of the Hebrew Placement Exam."
6. Click "Home." The "Hebrew Placement Exam" Sakai site will appear among the course sites. (Click "More Sites" if it is not visible.)
7. Click on "Hebrew Placement Exam" on the top of the Sakai web page.
8. In the left panel, click "Tests & Quizzes."
9. Click on "Hebrew Placement Exam."
10. Complete the test following the instructions.
11. At the end, click "Submit for Grading." Your scores will be sent to the department.