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 Yiddish 2020

Students enrolled in Contemporary Yiddish Culture, a one-credit Language Engagement course offered during this winter session, will learn what’s happening with Yiddish by attending workshops on Yiddish language and culture at Yiddish New York (YNY), a 5-day program held in Manhattan, on December 21-26, 2019. This unique program provides intensive instruction with leading teachers and practitioners of Yiddish language and culture from around the world. (You can learn more about YNY at

This study-away course will begin with an introductory group session with Prof. Jeffrey Shandler at Rutgers in December, shortly before the YNY program commences. Students will then attend at least two sessions at YNY each day, including a daily session on the Yiddish language. (Introductory Yiddish language classes are taught in English; no prior knowledge of Yiddish is required to attend the program.) Other sessions at YNY include presentations (all taught in English) on Yiddish folksong, folklore, literature, traditional East European Jewish culture, etc. Students will select the sessions to attend in consultation with Prof. Shandler. There will be a follow-up group discussion session at Rutgers in January.

To register:

The course number for Contemporary Yiddish Culture is 01:991:111:01 (Index 13287).

There is no prerequisite for this course. Students who know some Yiddish can attend an intermediate or advanced language course; instructors at YNY can place students in the appropriate class.

NOTE: The student scholarship rate to attend YNY is only $100. In addition to registering for Contemporary Yiddish Culture, students must register for YNY and submit an application for a scholarship at The YNY application deadline is November 15.

Students who register for Contemporary Yiddish Culture may apply to the Department of Jewish Studies for funds to cover the $100 cost of YNY and an additional $125 toward travel and other costs. Please note that students are responsible for their own housing, meals, and transportation while attending the program.

Departmental Funds Application

If you have questions or would like additional information on the course, please contact Prof. Shandler: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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