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Gary A. Rendsburg

Gary Rendsburg serves as the Blanche and Irving Laurie Professor of Jewish History at Rutgers University, and holds positions in the Department of Jewish Studies and the Department of History. His teaching and research focus on ‘all things ancient Israel’ – primarily language and literature, though just as importantly history and archaeology. His academic pursuits also expand into the post-biblical and medieval periods, with special interest in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Cairo Geniza documents.

The author of six books and approximately 120 scholarly articles (many available on his website), Dr. Rendsburg is perhaps best known for his general survey of the biblical world entitled The Bible and the Ancient Near East (1997), co-authored with his teacher, Cyrus H. Gordon. His most recent book is entitled Solomon’s Vineyard: Literary and Linguistic Studies in the Song of Songs (2009), co-authored with his student Scott B. Noegel. Dr. Rendsburg has also embraced multi-media instruction, developing “The Bible and History” for the Rutgers Jewish Studies Online program, as well as two courses produced by the Teaching Company: “The Book of Genesis” (2006) and “The Dead Sea Scrolls” (2010).

Dr. Rendsburg takes particular pride in his work with graduate students, many of whom now hold teaching positions at institutions such as the University of Washington, Peking University, Pyeongtaek University, Wake Forest University, and Louisiana State University.

He earned a B.A. degree in English from the University of North Carolina, and an M.A. and Ph.D. degrees (1977, 1980) in Hebrew Studies from New York University.

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