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  Gary A. Rendsburg (bio)

  Blanche and Irving Laurie Chair in Jewish History

  Ph.D., M.A. New York University
  B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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  • The literature of the Bible
  • The history of ancient Israel
  • The historical development of the Hebrew language
  • The relationship between ancient Egypt and ancient Israel



  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Introduction to Ancient Judaism
  • Jewish Society and Culture I
  • Women in the Bible
  • Readings in Biblical Hebrew Prose
  • Readings in Biblical Hebrew Poetry
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls


redaction-genesisBooks Authored

  1. The Redaction of Genesis (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 1986) (reprinted, with a new Foreword, 2014).
  2. Diglossia in Ancient Hebrew (American Oriental Series 72; New Haven: American Oriental Society, 1990).
  3. Linguistic Evidence for the Northern Origin of Selected Psalms (Society of Biblical Literature Monograph Series 43; Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1990).
  4. The Bible and the Ancient Near East, co-authored with Cyrus H. Gordon (New York: W. W. Norton, 1997).
  5. Israelian Hebrew in the Book of Kings (Occasional Publications of the Department of Near Eastern Studies and the Program of Jewish Studies, Cornell University 5; Bethesda, MD: CDL Press, 2002).
  6. Solomon’s Vineyard: Literary and Linguistic Studies in the Song of Songs, co-authored with Scott B. Noegel (SBL Ancient Israel and Its Literature; Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2009 / Leiden: Brill, 2009).
    See book description
  7. How the Bible Is Written (Bethesda, Md.: CDL Press, forthcoming).

Books Edited

  1. Co-Editor, The Bible World: Essays in Honor of Cyrus H. Gordon (New York: Ktav, 1980).
  2. Co-Editor, Eblaitica: Essays on the Ebla Archives and Eblaite Language, Vol. 1 (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 1987).
  3. Co-Editor, Eblaitica: Essays on the Ebla Archives and Eblaite Language, Vol. 2 (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 1990).
  4. Co-Editor, Eblaitica: Essays on the Ebla Archives and Eblaite Language, Vol. 3 (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 1992).
  5. Co-Editor, Eblaitica: Essays on the Ebla Archives and Eblaite Language, Vol. 4 (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2002).
  6. Associate Editor, Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics, 4 vols. (Leiden: Brill, 2013)
  7. Co-Editor, “Did I Not Bring Israel Out of Egypt?”: Biblical, Archaeological, and Egyptological Perspectives on the Exodus Narratives (Bulletin for Biblical Research Supplement 13; Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns, 2016).
  8. Co-Editor, Le-maĘżan Ziony: Essays in Honor of Ziony Zevit (Eugene, Ore.: Wipf and Stock, forthcoming).

DIGITAL HUMANITIES PROJECTS – co-developed with Jacob Binstein, launched December 2013, presents the manuscript tradition of the book of Ben Sira, from Qumran, Masada, and the Cairo Geniza. – co-developed with Joshua Blachorsky (with the assistance of Jacob Binstein), launched May 2015, presents the images and transcriptions of JTS MS R1622.1, one of the most important (albeit incomplete) extant Mishna manuscripts.



Friends of ASOR Podcast: Gary Rendsburg, “Best of Times, Worst of Times”

posted April 25, 2014

Listen to ASOR’s own Ancient Near East Today editor, Alex Joffe, talk with Prof. Gary Rendsburg (Rutgers University), about the state of biblical archaeology and the study of the humanities.



Megiddo Gate
My online non-credit mini-course entitled “The Bible and History” is now available to the public, as the first offering from the Jewish Studies Online program, a joint venture of the Allen and Joan Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life and the Department of Jewish Studies. The program is made possible by a generous benefaction from Mr. Gene Hoffman of Short Hills, N.J.

I invite you to register for the course, which is free, by following this link. I hope that you find the course to be informative and enlightening, and I encourage you to participate with other course registrants via the discussion board that accompanies the program.



I have had the honor and privilege of producing two courses for The Great Courses program (formerly known as The Teaching Company), located in Chantilly, VA. The first course, "The Book of Genesis," was released in May 2006, while the second course, "The Dead Sea Scrolls," was released in March 2010.

Both courses consist of a series of 24 lectures, and are available in either video (DVD) or audio (CD or download) format.
The Great Courses: Book of Genesis
The Great Courses: Dead Sea Scrolls
For an article on The Great Courses, which appeared in The New York Times in March 2015, click here.

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