Azzan Yadin-Israel

Azzan Yadin-Israel

Azzan Yadin-Israel (bio)

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Professor of Jewish Studies
Ph.D. University of California Berkeley
and Graduate Theological Union
B.A. Hebrew University



Rabbinic legal hermeneutics; origins of midrash; biblical interpretation.


Classical Jewish Philosophy
The Dead Sea Scrolls
Prophets, Priests and Rabbis



Scripture as Logos: Rabbi Ishmael and the Origins of Midrash, (University of Pennsylvania Press, June 2004).


Blorit: Pagan Mohawk or Sabra Forelock?: Ideologically Manipulative Secularization of Hebrew Terms in Socialist Zionist Israel,” in The Sociology of Language and Religioun: A Festschrift for Joshua A. Fishman on his 80th Birthday, edited by Tope Omoniyi (London and New York: Plagrave Macmillan, in press). Co-authored with Ghil’ad Zuckermann.

“Rabban Gamliel, Aphrodite’s Bath, and the Question of Pagan Monotheism,” Jewish Quarterly Review 96 (2006), 149-179.

“Theosophy and Kabbalistic Writing,” Pe’amim 104 (2005), 41-64 (Hebrew).

“Goliath’s Armor and Israelite Collective Memory,” Vetus Testamentum 54 (2004), 373-395.

“Qol as Hypostasis in the Hebrew Bible,” Journal of Biblical Literature 122 (2003), 601-629.

“Hammer on the Rock: Mekhilta Deuteronomy and the Question of Rabbinic Polysemy,” Jewish Studies Quarterly 10 (2003), 1-17. “A Greek Witness to the Semantic Shift laqah-‘Buy’,” Hebrew Studies 43 (2002), 31-37.

“4QMMT, Rabbi Ishmael and the Origins of Legal Midrash,” Dead Sea Discoveries 10 (2002), 130-149.

“Shnei Ketuvim and Rabbinic Intermediation,” Journal for the Study of Judaism 33 (2002), 386-410.

“Samson’s Hida,” Vetus Testamentum 52 (2002), 407-426.

“Web of Chaos: Bialik and Nietzsche on Language, Truth and the Death of God,” Prooftexts 21 (2001), 179-203.

“Resistance to Midrash? Midrash and Halakhah in the Halakhic Midrashim,” in Current Trends in the Study of Midrash, edited by Carol Bakhos (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2006).


Association of Jewish Studies
Society for Biblical Literature
Prooftexts: Journal of Jewish Literary History (rabbinics book-review editor)

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