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Spring 2014 Classes

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JS Req = Jewish Studies Requirements for majors. The following codes indicate which courses fulfill distribution requirements for the Jewish Studies major: CT - Classical Text; ML - Modern Literature; SS - Social Science

We reserve the right to change or cancel classes. Please check the official University Schedule of Classes for the most updated information, including the location and time. For a list of buildings, click here.

Course TitleInstructorDay-PeriodLocationSAS Core
563:100 Introduction to Modern Middle East Corboz TTh 1:40-3:00 LRB 110 a,b,h,k,m,o
563:121 pdf Hebrew Review and Continuation Moshenberg MWTh 2 Scott 220
563:132:01 pdf Intermediate Modern Hebrew Bryn-Noiman MWTh 2 Murray 204
563:201 pdf Jewish Society & Culture I Tartakoff MW4 Murray 210 h,k,l
563:202 pdf Jewish Society & Culture II Portnoy MW5 Frelinghuysen A2 h,k,l
563:206 pdf Introduction to Bible II: Prophets and Poetry Rendsburg MTh 2 Murray 213 i,k,p
563:220:01 pdf Introduction to Bible I: Torah & Prose Ballentine TF 9:15-10:35 RAB 206 i,k,p
563:223:01 pdf New Testament Wasserman TTh 3:55-5:15 Hickman 118 h,i,j,k,l
563:223:02 pdf New Testament Elkins MTh 10:55-12:15 Hickman 119 h,i,j,k,l
563:223:03 New Testament Wallace MTh 9:15-10:35 Hickman 119 h,i,j,k,l 
563:300 pdf Arab Israeli Conflict Ratzman TTh 5 Campbell A5
563:312 pdf Modern Jewish Philosophy Ratzman TTh 6 12 College Ave Rm 107
563:348 pdf Tradition and Innovation in American Jewish Ritual Surowitz TTh4 Hardenberg B5
563:372 pdf Introduction to Hebrew Literature Moshenberg MW4 Miller Hall Room 210
563:394:01 pdf Genocide the Holocaust and Legacies of Violence Zaretsky MW6 Hardenberg B4
563:395:01 pdf Kafka and World Literature Levine TTh 6 Frelinghuysen B6
563:460 Jewish Studies Internship Staff
543:464 pdf Jewish Studies Seminar: Sexuality & Gender in Jewish Sources Yadin-Israel MTh3 12 College Ave Rm 206  s1,s2,t,u,v
563:492 Independent Study Staff
563:497 Senior Honors (by arrangement) Staff

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