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Fall 2013 Classes

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JS Req = Jewish Studies Requirements for majors. The following codes indicate which courses fulfill distribution requirements for the Jewish Studies major: CT - Classical Text; ML - Modern Literature; SS - Social Science

We reserve the right to change or cancel classes. Please check the official University Schedule of Classes for the most updated information, including the location and time. For a list of buildings, click here.

Course TitleInstructorDay-PeriodLocationJS
SAS Core
563:100:01 Intro to the Modern Middle East TBA MTh 10:20-11:40 TIL 242    o
563:100:02 Intro to the Modern Middle East Haghani TTh 1:40-3:00 TIL 123    o
563:101:02 pdf Elementary Modern Hebrew Moshenberg MWTh 3 SC 205    
563:103:01 pdf Elementary Modern Yiddish Portnoy MWTh 3 Miller 210    
563:121:01 pdf Hebrew Review & Continuation Moshenberg MWTh 2 MU 115/207    
563:131:01 pdf Intermediate Modern Hebrew Bryn-Noiman MWTh 2 SC 220    q
563:201:01 pdf Jewish Society & Culture I Rendsburg MW 4 HH A7    h,k,l
563:205:01 History of Modern Middle East Jones TTh 7:15-8:35 LOR 024    h,k,l,n
563:210:01 Advanced Modern Hebrew Bryn-Noiman MW 4 CJS 206    
563:220:01 pdf Hebrew Bible Wallace MTh 9:15-10:35 HICK 211  CT  h,i,j,k.l,p
563:220:02 pdf Hebrew Bible Wallace MTh 12:35-1:55 RAB 204  CT  h,i,j,k.l,p
563:220:03 pdf Hebrew Bible Ballentine MTh 9:15-10:35 HCK 205  CT  h,i,j,k.l,p
563:223:01 pdf New Testament Wasserman TTh 3:55-5:15 HCK 202  CT  h,i,j,k.l
563:223:02 pdf New Testament Gallagher-Elkins MTh 2 10:55-12:15 HCK 205  CT  h,i,j,k.l
563:223:03 New Testament Kolbaba TTh4 SC 214  CT  h,i,j,k.l
563:261:01 History of the Holocaust Hanebrink TTh 7 VD 211    j,l
563:311:01 pdf Classical Jewish Philosophy Yadin-Israel TTh 6 CA A1  CT  
563:322:01 pdf Women in the Bible Rendsburg MW 6 CJS 206  CT  
563:324:01 pdf Ancient Near Eastern Religions Ballentine MTh 12:35-1:55 HCK 132/207    
563:341:01 pdf Jesus the Jew Yadin-Israel TTh 4 HH A1  CT  
563:346:01 pdf Contemporary Jewish Culture Surowitz-Israel TTh 5 CJS 107  SS  
563:352:01 pdf Israeli Politics Peleg TTh 4      
563:393:01 pdf Israeli Society through Film Zerubavel M 5&6 CJS 107    
563:460:01 Jewish Studies Internship by arrangement        
563:491:01 Independent Study by arrangement        
563:496:01 Senior Honors by arrangement        

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