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Arab Israeli Conflict

 Arab Israeli Conflict563:300 (crosslisted with 685:300 and 508:300)
Monday/Thursday, 3rd period (11:30-12:50)
Miller Hall, 14 College Avenue, Room 115
Instructor: Jehad Abusalim

This course is an overview of the Arab-Israeli conflict- we will begin with an exploration of the origins of this conflict prior to the foundation of the state of Israel and move through the era of the peace process between Israel and Arab states and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. We will engage with questions of competing historical narratives as they relate to questions of collective memory and its resonance in contemporary politics. To gain an understanding of "the Big Picture," we will read the works of different scholars, and we will look at multiple perspectives on the many aspects of the conflict and its history through firsthand accounts of everyday life, ideological essays, a number of films, songs, literary works, and other forms of cultural production. Throughout the course we will consider how different historical narratives inform contemporary assessments of the conflict.  In this vein, students are expected to keep up with current events, locate relevant news articles, and share them with the class.






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