M.A. Degree in Jewish Studies

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The M.A. in Jewish Studies is designed for those seeking to advance their knowledge at the graduate level to prepare for doctoral-level work in Jewish Studies or to further their careers in fields such as education, communal service, library science, and public affairs. The program affords both recent college graduates and non-traditional students, including those individuals shifting from other disciplines, the opportunity to strengthen their candidacy for admission to top-ranked Ph.D. programs in Jewish Studies. Students, particularly educators and professionals working in Jewish communal fields, may pursue the M.A. part-time.

The Rutgers program draws on the strength of its faculty in areas such as Jewish History, Bible, Jewish Literature and Cultural Studies, Religious Studies, Yiddish, and Israel Studies.

The program will provide students with the necessary tools to understand the development of Jewish society from the era of the Bible until the present, to examine Jewish cultural production in its social, political, and historical contexts, and to read and analyze Jewish texts throughout the ages. Students will be exposed to a variety of methodologies used in the field of Jewish Studies, including historical, literary, philosophical, philological, anthropological, and sociological methods of analysis.

Students are required to complete 30 credits of graduate course work and to demonstrate proficiency in Hebrew or another Jewish language. Master’s degree students will write a thesis and take a comprehensive examination, in consultation with the Graduate Director.

Scholarships: Competitive merit-based awards are available to assist qualifying students.

Applications are filed online: http://gradstudy.rutgers.edu

Deadline for fall admission is June 30; for spring admission, December 1.

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