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Azzan Yadin

Azzan Yadin-Israel

Azzan Yadin-Israel's main scholarly focus is the relationship between tradition and midrash in early rabbinic literature. His first book, Scripture as Logos: Rabbi Ishmael and the Origins of Midrash, is a study of the interpretive assumptions that underlie one of the main schools of tannaitic midrash—that of Rabbi Ishmael. He is currently in the process of completing a second book, this one focusing on Rabbi Akiva. In addition to his work on rabbinics, Prof. Yadin-Israel has published on a wide range of other topics as well, including articles on biblical studies, Kabbalah, and the secularization of modern Hebrew. He has served as the head of the rabbinics division of the Association for Jewish Studies for the past three years, and is co-editor of the book series Texts and Studiesin Ancient Judaism.

Professor Yadin-Israel has a B.A. from Hebrew University and received his Ph.D. from the University of California Berkeley and Graduate Theological Union. An Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, he teaches courses on classical Jewish philosophy, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and examining “Prophets, Priests, and Rabbis.”

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