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Graduate Certificate in Jewish Studies

The Department offers a Certificate in Jewish Studies to students enrolled in master’s-level and doctoral-level programs at Rutgers University.  These include degree candidates in professional programs such as Library and Information Science (L.I.S.), Education, and Social Work along with those seeking M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in the Humanities and Social Sciences programs.

The requirements for the Certificate in Jewish Studies are as follows:

    Four (4) courses, from among any of the following:

  • graduate level (500- and 600- designations)
  • undergraduate 400-level

Courses in the latter group must be taught by professorial-level department faculty, with the expectation that additional work will be required in order to receive graduate credit.
In addition to courses offered via the Jewish Studies 16:563 number, certain courses taught in other departments (German, History, etc.) may count towards the Certificate.  These will be listed at the Jewish Studies website, along with the regular Jewish Studies courses offered each semester.

Special note about Social Work students:

By special arrangement with the School of Social Work, M.S.W. students will need to take only three (3) courses in Jewish Studies at the graduate level.  In addition, their year-long 2nd-year field placement will take place in a Jewish organization or agency.

Special note about Education students:

There are two routes to the M.Ed. degree. 1) Students enroll in the Five-Year Teacher Education Program, in which case they graduate from Rutgers with both a B.A. and an M.Ed. 2) The M.Ed. post-baccalaureate program, which earns the students the master’s degree only (obviously these students enter the program with a bachelor’s degree).

Regardless of which route, Jewish Studies works almost solely with students seeking the M.Ed. degree leading to certification in Social Studies Education K-12. Students in the first track have no electives in the graduate component of their program, so they would need to take the Jewish Studies graduate courses either in their fourth year at Rutgers or as additional courses in their fifth year at Rutgers. Students in the second track, on the other hand, have three electives built into their program, which could be fulfilled through Jewish Studies, and then they would need to take only one additional course to fulfill both their M.Ed. requirements and the Jewish Studies Jewish Studies certificate.

N.B. – Note that the term “certificate” bears a special technical meaning in the field of education (associated with state licensure and so on). Accordingly, the students in the M.Ed. program earn a “concentration” in Jewish Studies.

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